St. Krasnopolyanskaya 32, Lobnya
Moscow region, Russia, 141730

Phone: +7 (499) 113-15-92
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Mona hotel

The new highway Moscow-Saint-Petersburg was opened recently. It would not take longer than 25 minutes to get to Mona Boutique Hotel.

To reach Mona Boutique Hotel you are welcome to use the following options:

A. Use a map
B. To use GPS, GLONASS – 56.024867, 37.417717
C. To use the instructions


  1. Please drive on Moscow-Leningrad road until the 29 km. That is the intersection with the Sheremetyego road.
  2. At this intersection make smooth right and keep going on Sheremetyego road 5.8 km until the T-shape intersection with the street Sheremetyevskaya.
  3. Please make left at mentioned intersection and keep going on Sheremetyevskaya street 3.3 km until T-shape intersection with Tekstilnaya street.
  4. At this intersection please make left and keep going on Tekstilnaya street 2.2 km until T-shape intersection with Krasnopolyanskaya street.
  5. At the last mentioned intersection please make left and keep going on Krasnopolyanskaya street 400 meters until “Mona Hotel” signage .
  6. Please make right and there is Mons Hotel entrance in 150 meters a way down.

It takes 40-50 minutes if there is no traffic jams.